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Santa Maria Volcano
Other Facts
Terms to Know

Santa Maria is a very active volcano. It erupted in 1902,
killing approximately 5,000 people. Since then it has
erupted several times, the most recent on October 26, 2005.
The most recent eruption was a fairly minor one.

See Picture D

The lava emitted from Santa Maria during an eruption has
a lot of silica in it and therefor travels very slowly
down the volcano and doesn't go very far. This kind of lava
is called "pasty lava". However, even though the
lava doesn't often reach the bottom of the volcano, there
are still hazards. The main hazard of the Santa Maria
Volcano is a lahar, or a landslide or mudflow of volcanic fragments. Another major hazard of
Santa Maria erupting is that it could collapse into
itself, causing major landslides and therefor destruction
and possibly death.
See Pictures E and F